Thursday, June 8, 2017

Some Thoughts On Guild Ball

Hello everyone!

Coming to you today to talk about a game I never thought I'd talk about on this blog: Guild Ball. But why you ask? Simply, I scoffed at Guild Ball quite a bit when I first started hearing rumblings about it (mostly from my friend Kris over at Wargamer Ramblings). A game with guilds playing soccer (football for you international folks)? What is up with that? So there are some mundane careers playing a sport. Why should I care? I also heard a lot of stuff I didn't like when I initially heard about it (though not from Kris, but some other people that I saw around the internet), basically things like "I'm switching to Guild Ball because at least it's fun, unlike Warmachine/Hordes", "I hope Guild Ball takes over, I think it is the better system." You see where I'm going with this. My first exposures (besides Kris, like I said) were not Guild Ball positive, they were Warmachine/Hordes negative. Hard to come around to a game where the vocal community is talking down on the game you hail as your favorite.

However, something changed. I stopped listening to the negative people in the community and started to look a little more at the positive aspects of the game. I started to look more at the models and found I liked more and more of the sculpts. Reading about the different playstyles of the teams, and then looking at my friend Kris' write ups about them, I started to come around to the idea of the game. Watching Battle Reports helped (are they really Battle Reports if it's not battle?).

Looking at everything, I finally decided to buy in, because I figured that it took a different slot in my gaming repertoire than 40k, or Warmachine, or Bolt Action, or... well, you get the point. I don't have a sports game. Sure, Blood Bowl is out again, and I may pick up the starter one day, but I really hate football. Not a sport I've ever liked. Soccer? Now that's a sport I've played and love to watch. So I came around to Guild Ball.
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But what Guild? That was a question that was both easy and hard to answer at the same time. I always try to mix up my playstyle to an extent. For example, I've played Khador and know exactly how I don't like to play (slow and hard to kill). I love the playstyle of Circle Orboros, with movement tricks and unpredictable attacks. Cygnar is fun, as they offer both ranged and up close answers, and usually hit pretty hard when they do.

So in my decision making process I finally settled on two options: The Butchers, and their brutal damage output and ability to make other players bleed on the pitch. All of this was stacked on to the models with team wide buffs that could be doled out, making everyone more kill-ey. It was brutal and efficient and I liked the idea.

The other major contender for my first team was that of the Union. Stabby, like that of the Butchers, but with a more "We all work alone to win the game". This was tempting to me, along with the fact that if I ever picked up other teams I could use them in those line ups.

So, after a couple of weeks of thinking, I decided to go with the Butchers. Went down to my LGS, money in hand... and they didn't have the Butchers. But they did have the Union! So I went with them. Christmas came around and I ordered most of the rest of the (then) team. I have to say, I like the way they play, and I tend to play the takeout game. However, thanks to some lucky trades on reddit, I was able to get a full Butcher line up. Now the only decision is which one to take when I go play.

So there you have it, how I got into Guild Ball. I found that I really enjoyed the mechanics of the game. It's modern, it's quick, and most importantly, fun.

Next time, I'll be starting a new project to get ready for Gen Con!

Until next time, Happy Hobbying! 

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