Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Post That Will Lose Me Some Readers

Hello Everyone!

Today, I've decided to talk about a project I'm working on that many will find disdainful, abhorrent, atrocious, and blasphemous.

That's right, I'm starting Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

"But why? That game is the game that took the place of  Warhammer Fantasy, the greatest game of all time!"

I understand your point there, but let me make my case. I've never played a moment of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, though I understand its long history is something that many hold near and dear to their hearts. Had I been conscious of my love of wargaming at a younger age I dare say I would have given it a try. However,  that's not the case. My history with Fantasy was a short-lived and half-hearted one. One time, while I was in Lexington, Kentucky, I went to the local Games Workshop store, and, noticing the fantasy section the shop owner had set up, became quite enamored with the Vampire Counts models I saw there. With my love of old horror, and the classic idea of hordes of skeletons and zombies, driven by powerful necromancers and aristocratic vampires, it wasn't a hard stretch for me to become interested. (Author's Note: Vampires shouldn't sparkle. They certainly shouldn't live in Washington. Though they totally could, I like mine to live in old castles somewhere in Eastern Europe.)

So, I purchased a box of skeletons and a Wight King and left the store, eventually ordering the army book on eBay, and buying another box of skeletons and a Terrorgheist down the line when the opportunities presented themselves. But I never fully committed to a Fantasy army. It was simply something I didn't feel like I wanted to do. The entire idea of the strict rules for building a list, let alone playing with said list, seemed a bit daunting. The monetary aspect, too, was a factor. Fantasy required many more minis than I had the means to buy at the time (and probably still now).

In the end, I let fantasy sit on the shelf, collecting dust, but not really going anywhere. In fact, I almost sold it off a few times. Then the End Times came out. I was impressed with the entire idea of these huge apocalyptic clashes of the different forces, with these huge, gorgeous (or disgusting, in the case of the Glottkin) models coming out. Still, it just didn't feel right. Too much was required. I'd need movement trays. I'd need at least 2-3 more units of skeletons, and that's not all. I still didn't do much with it.

And like that, the End Time were over. The Old World was gone, and the Age of Sigmar had begun. While I didn't play Fantasy, I was kinda upset. Though I hadn't pulled the trigger, I'd never be able to. Square bases were replaced with round, like 40K. I didn't like the game on principle. No points? 4 pages of rules? What is this, happy fun time make believe game? With no restrictions, things will get bonkers! I vowed to never play Age of Sigmar. I'd play 9th Age with my buddy Kris (Whose blog you can read at WargamerRamblings). I'd keep the square base, and vow to keep my precious undead off the evil that was the round base.

How foolish I was. And so here I am, a few months ago, salivating over the Stormcast Eternals. while also giving a strong eye to the Khorne Bloodbound models that have been coming out at this point. I still am hesitant, however. But then I start watching battle reports, and listen to people reviewing the game. I see more and more of the minis. The General's Handbook is released, and suddenly structure has been given to that without restraint. I start reading White Dwarf articles. I get the free Slaughterpriest mini. And like that, I am interested. I buy the Storm of Sigmar set on my way back home from my honeymoon. I get the "Getting Started" magazine with the free Liberator.

I start talking to Kris about getting into the game, and he says he too has been looking at the game. Our mutual friend, Clayton, who was introduced to me via Beyond the Gates of Antares, is a proud player of the Dwarven factions. My buddy Ronnie loves Age of Sigmar. And all the while, the Starter set is gleaming at me from the shelf. (Have I mentioned I love Starter sets? Slap the words Starter Set on anything and I'll probably buy it).

So here I am, entranced with a game I so vehemently opposed when it came out. But why? Firstly, I said that I don't have a long and storied history of playing Fantasy. Secondly, even if I did, nobody I know plays it. Most have moved on to Age of Sigmar or quit entirely. And lastly, I just love the models and the game types I can do. If I want to throw a list together of Destruction, Chaos, and Death for an Open game against a buddy I can. If I want to throw my Tomb Kings in with my Vampire Counts I can, and just call it Death. Wood Elves and Stormcast Eternals? No problem. I have many more options now in most cases, and thusly I can make the game how I want it to.

So, getting started I've decided on a few things. Firstly, I'm constructing an Open play list that is essentially just the forces of evil. Goblins, Skeletons, Chaos, Orcs, etc. If it's evil, it's in the list.

Secondly, and most pertinent to this post, and thus the next few months of my life, I am going to make a 2000 point list for a tournament coming up in Gate City, Va, in February. This is a more strict idea for list building, so it will be the Chaos Grand Alliance, with a veritable smattering of Daemons, Skaven, and Khorne Bloodbound. However, I also need to have this painted by then. Painting is not fully required I don't believe, just encouraged, but I will not show up to an event with unpainted models (at least not this one). So I'm hoping this will give me an excuse to play games as practice and and also paint some minis. I started painting tonight, so we'll see where it goes. Either way, I plan to update y'all as the project goes forward, and I need to set a plan for myself to get as many of them done over the winter break from classes as I can. We'll see how it goes, and see if I make it on February 25th.

Either way, I believe that Age of Sigmar is a good thing, if not everyone, I certainly think it is good for me and how I like to game. The rules are much simpler, and thus make it much easier for me to deal with. I like the simplicity, the simpler the better (in some cases).

I hope I've not gotten rid of too many readers because of this.

Until next time,

Happy Hobbying

P.S. Hobby wise, I've cut up a bunch of styrofoam for generic ruins, covering the, with gesso, and spray priming. Getting good results, and my terrain box is already doubling in size. I have also been working on my Gates of Antares models, trying to complete my entire force by year's end. I should be able to make it (hopefully). I have also started the process of converting my entire Warhammer 40,000 collection into one singular force, through converting my Chaos Marines to Black Legion, with support from my Mechanicus models (now Dark Mechanicum) and a contingent of Traitor Guard, all supported by my Chaos Daemons (which will double as my Age of Sigmar list!). I've still been working on building up my Cygnar collection, and look forward to some games in the near future, playing either Cygnar or Circle. Either way, it's been a busy month not only for hobby, but also for school and life. That's called being a wargamer though.


  1. Lookatchu, actin' like you've got readers to lose... ;)

    Hey man I dunno, I'm feeling crazy too, let's do this. 2000 points in about 86 days. I mean, it's probably possible?